Sanjoaninas 2016

I was invited to create the brand and poster for the Sanjoaninas 2016 festivities. Inspired by the theme «Angra, uma Capital


I was asked to create the rebrand of a logo where the main element had to be a vinyl disc. The following was one of my final p


«Cordas» is a festival of string instruments. Based in Pico island, this musical project, organized by MiratecArts, brings t

Materialidade do Papel

«Materialidade do Papel» is a collection of paintings and sculptures created by Manuel Martins. The artist asked me to desig

Led Pixel Wall

«Led Pixel Wall» was one of the final projects of my master’s in Multimedia Communication. Using an existing glass wal

Low Poly Island


Sanjoaninas 2016 (sketch)

I was invited to create the brand and poster for the Sanjoaninas 2016 festivities. This was one of the initial proposals and t

Colocação de brasão

After thirty six years, this coat of arms got back to its original place after being destroyed on an earthquake. I covered the

Wheelchair Simulator

Wheelchair Simulator is a prototype of a game made during my masters on Multimedia Communication. I participated on the projec


I designed this logo for a friend of mine, who was starting a new business based on the utilization of Portuguese cork in jewe

Synectics: Baby Bubble

During my maste’s in Multimedia Communication, I had some pretty cool classes. One of them was about creativity and prob


As the Marketing and Communication Departmen’s director of  «Aveiro Smart Business», I created and developed the bran

Angra Ativa

«Angra Ativa» is an iniciative from the Câmara Municipal de Angra do Heroísmo to promote an active and healthier lifestyle

Capitania Geral dos Açores

Sanjoaninas are the main festivities of Angra do Heroísmo city. In 2016 the theme was related to the «Capitania Geral dos A

Azores Fringe Festival | 2015 edition

The «Azores Fringe Festival» is considered the most remote art festival of its kind. I’ve created the image for the fi

As British As Paul

«As British As Paul» is a brand that I’ve created as the final project for an english class. The idea was to promote t

Dia Mundial da Florestra

To celebrate the World Forest Day, I’ve composed two proposals of posters to advertise a peddy-paper activity. This post

angra + jovem

This was the logo that I’ve created to promote youngsters initiatives, organized by Câmara Municipal de Angra do Heroí

Azores Fringe Festival 2013

The «Azores Fringe Festival 2013» was the first arts festival of its kind in the Azores islands. I won the contest created b

Rúben Bettencourt

Rúben Bettencourt is one of the most brilliant classic guitar players of his generation. Working with his initials – RB –

Roteiro Citadino dos Jardins de Angra do Heroísmo

The «Roteiro Citadino dos Jardins de Angra do Heroísmo» is a basic guide that helps tourists to learn more about the city

Nuno Faria

Official promotional photography of Nuno Faria, a young and talented flute player.